biopsy cassette storage
  • Each box has 8 trays in a 2 x 4 configuration collectively capable of holding 500+ slides
  • 50 Pre-printed In/Out cards are included in each case to help document slide retrieval
  • Removable identification labels are available as an accessory to quickly identify each tray as well as reuse it when needed.
  • Slide Boxes are available in either unassembled cases of 10 units or assembled cases of 5 units
  • The cards and tray labels are available for purchase as accessories

Tray Labels

Laboratory storage tray labels

Reusable tray labels. Removeable tack on the labels so you can reuse the trays.

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In/Out Card

in/out card for biopsy cassette laboratory storage

The Cassette In/Out Card is designed to help you better manage cassettes removed from the storage box.

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